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Jack’s Hits: Blame It On The Boogie And Other Unlikely Cover Songs

Who knew Mick Jackson from Liverpool wrote Blame It On The Boogie? Sugarfoot Jack does, and there's more!


A Message From the KB Fan Club

Look at what you have done AFL Community, look at what you have done...


The Week Princess Kate Went to a Morning Tea and It Was News

We read the news and provide things to say about it because ain't nobody got time for that.


A Semi-Accurate Recap of Game of Thrones: Season 3, Episode 8

A wedding, a bedding and a beheading (or two).

Footy tipping

The Flack’s Celebrity AFL Footy Tipping competition – Week 9

The comp is getting all classical this week. Classically funny that is!


Which Soft Drink is Your Footy Club?

Ares does the legwork for overpaid, over-tanned marketing geniuses - pairing footy clubs with soft drinks. Cheers!

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