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Getting Up To Speed On Fast & Furious With Online User Reviews

The new Fast and Furious movie is out and Jack hasn't seen any of them, what better way to get up to speed than read the IMDB user reviews?

Masterchef sexist

Masterchef Australia: Season 5, Episode 4

Previously on Masterchef Australia; you really don’t need to worry about it. This week; a trip to the beautiful Barossa. Should I know where that is? Probably. Do I know where that is? No. Sunday’s episode begins wi...

Aussie dollar

The Week The Aussie Dollar Reached New Lows

You are busy but you still want opinions supplied? No problem. The Friday Night Drinks Primer awaits.

No snow

Snow Season Opening Weekend – Things You Can Do Without Snow

Worried about the lack of snow? Don't be.


A Semi-Accurate Recap of Game of Thrones: Season 3, Episode 9

No, Dan didn't like it any more than you did.

Footy tipping

The Flack’s Celebrity AFL Footy Tipping competition – Week 10

The competition that will not die.