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Which Soft Drink is Your Footy Club?

Ares does the legwork for overpaid, over-tanned marketing geniuses - pairing footy clubs with soft drinks. Cheers!


Anticipating a Green and Gold Season

In the early grasp of Winter, The Flack offers hope for the Green and Gold season


NRL Wrap Round 10 – Women in League Round

Jazzy Jase gives you all you need to know about NRL Round 10 - Women in League round. Get on it (the wrap).


Pop culture hypothetical: Jedi V Wolverine

Question: Who would win in a fight between a Jedi and Wolverine?


An Almost Accurate Press Conference with Majak Daw

Here's what a Majak Daw press conference is really like.


Wildog Half Hour – Twitter Abuse, Eurovision, Chinese Restaurants and 2004

Prefontaine and Jonty sit down to discuss David Warner's war of twitter words, cliche Chinese food and look at the film and music of 2004.

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