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MC 2014 July

Masterchef Australia 2014: Finals Week, Day Three

Day 3, and nobody will be eliminated. It's a special low-stakes challenge!

MC 2014 July

Masterchef Australia 2014: Finals Week, Day Two

Day two of Finals Week! Who will be eliminated?! Also: Do you care?!


Wildog Half Hour – Ladies, Jonty is on Tinder!

Pre and Jonty catch up on the second week of Le Tour, preview the film 'The Trip To Italy' and Jonty tells us about his initial experiences on tinder.

MC 2014 July

Masterchef Australia: Finals Week, Day 1

It’s Finals Week on┬áMasterchef 2015! This basically means that we’re finally at the point where (almost) everybody on the show actually deserves to be there. I haven’t been writing about this season up until ...

The Recruit: Where Stupidity Meets Reality

The First episode of The Recruit unearthed the bleeding obvious in a marriage between AFL and reality TV


Wildog Half Hour – Le Tour, Le World Cup & Le Glasgow Comm Games

Pre and Jonty talk Tour de France, FIFA World Cup with Monty and quickly preview the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.