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The Recruit – Vossy, Gossy, Cisco and Waylen

Then there were ten... time to mess around in boats.


The Flack’s Bondapalooza – Octopussy (1983)

The Flack's Bondapalooza continues to swim through quicksand with Octopussy (1983) Ha, he said Octopussy...


The Recruit – Northern Exposure

This week the recruits head to the Territory, where Waylen won't be the fish out of water figure for once.


Wildog Half Hour – The Worst EPL Season Preview Ever

Pre (Celtic fan) and Jonty (Fulham fan) sit down to preview the season of a football league that neither of them really give a sh!t about.


The Bachelor Au- Laurina Is So Bored

There's dates and an oddly rural feel in this week's recap of The Bachelor. Spoiler: Someone gets sent home! Reading this article may or may not divulge who.


The Recruit: Last Man Hanging

Will Vossy finally get rid of that poisonous Tasmanian gnome? Fingers crossed.