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The Bachelor Australia: There’s Nothing Like True Romance

The Bachelor is about romance. And sharks. We're pretty sure it's about sharks, but read our review to make sure.


Ten Reasons Why The Commonwealth Games Are A Bit Shit

Usain Bolt was wrong to say the Commonwealth Games are "a bit shit". They're a lot shit.


Masterchef Australia 2014: Grand Final

The Big Enchilada! Sadly, they are not actually making a big enchilada.

MC 2014 July

Masterchef Australia 2014: Semi-Final

Three will enter. Two will leave.

Glasgoq WD

Wildog Half Hour – Glasgow and Octopussy

Pre and Jonty debrief on the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, the final week of the Tour de France and review the penultimate Roger Moore Bond film, Octopussy.

MC 2014 July

Masterchef Australia 2014: Finals Week, Day Five

Tonight, somebody goes home!