The Flack


The Recruit: LIVE Contract Negotiations…YEAH!

The one contract gets awarded - will it be Bradie, Chris or Johann? Did we mention there is only ONE contract?

The Recruit: Surviving Adelaide

It is the penultimate week, and only three recruits will get to the draft. Did you know there was only one contract? These are facts...

The Recruit: It’s War (Kind of)

Down to seven, and to test them further, they head to Canberra. There is only one contract, in case you forgot...


Wildog Half Hour – September Football

Pre and Jonty are joined on the line by Tigers tragic Ares Mars and Monty Chevalier following the improbable win against Sydney to make September footy.


Rhebel Phodcast – We Love the Europa League?

Pre, Callum and Fraaaank return for the fourth season of the most controversial Celtic podcast in the world. Jules in Glasgow jumps on the line to give the low down on her eyewitness account of Wednesday night's disaster.


The Recruit: Follow The Leader

The Recruit is all about leadership this week, so they get Clarkey? Does Katich know?


Wildog Half Hour – Finally, the Timothy Dalton Years

Pre & Jonty talk Wallabies, London, Footy, Jonty rants on his hatred of Hipsters and they finally move into the Dalton years of Bondapolooza!


Wildog Half Hour – Wallabies, Williams and Woger Moore

Pre and Jonty sit down to recap the weekend's Bledisloe Cup, review the final Roger Moore Bond film and pay tribute to the late Robin Williams.


The Recruit – Vossy, Gossy, Cisco and Waylen

Then there were ten... time to mess around in boats.


The Recruit – Northern Exposure

This week the recruits head to the Territory, where Waylen won't be the fish out of water figure for once.