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Preview Review

Real Talk With Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris looks to set the record straight.

Mitchell Johnson Media Session

Mitchell Johnson’s Mo Speaks

The Flack caught up with Mitchell Johnson's moustache. He hates Poms and is one angry Mo.


Getting Ready For The Oscars: The ‘Based On A True Story’ Year

Jack takes a look at this years crop of art movies, could handsy hacker Julian Assange really win an Oscar?

JH Goal

Fixing Footy: Kicking Points Is Failure Behaviour

Jack tries to fix AFL scoring: Negative points or no points at all?


Hate Watching The Project Is Good For You

Now I don’t necessarily think The Project is a bad television show in the way I believe that Two and a Half Men is one of the signs of the coming apocalypse, but I don’t like it, not one bit. Here is the thing, if I’m hom...

office worker low

“Take This Job & Shove It Up Your …” A Movie Guide To Quitting Work

It’s that time of year; the weather is starting to get warmer, you have been stuck in some god forsaken cubical ALL winter and you can see it’s sunny outside. Someone paid more than you walks up to your desk and dumps t...


Things You No Longer Have To Care About: September 2013 Edition

Giving you permission to give up on keeping up with the world – Miley, Twerking, Ben Affleck as Batman and the Election

bruce willis childhood pictures (3)

We Need To Talk About The Massive Gap Between Bruce Willis’ Nose And Upper Lip

There are some things that once you see you can’t unsee, much like there are things that once known can’t be forgotten...


The Essendon Drug Scandal Explained Using Scooby-Doo & The Mystery Inc. Gang

Jack is confused by the Essendon Drug scandal so tries to explain it the only way he knows how: Scooby-Doo


Does Australian Got Talent? Foreign D List Celebrities are taking our Aussie D Lister’s Jobs

Why is it we are shipping in D list celebrities to judge our TV shows when we already have plenty of disappointing celebrities of our own?