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What It Says About You If You Read Articles About What Things Say About You

Are you more interested in what your choice of coffee or sporting team says about you? Hmmm, interesting.

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AFL Community Agrees: The Demons Are Completely Taking The Focus Off Us, And It’s Awesome

The AFL declares: Cameron Schwab, we could kiss you!


Five Disturbing Things About The Film ‘Coming to America’

And there you were thinking it was just a harmless comedy...

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People of Australia Announce Tom Waterhouse Has to Leave

As one the Nation declares: "Enough is enough. You have to go now."


Loud Conversation on Train Slightly Annoys Other Passengers

This kind of thing makes being stuck in traffic seem a little better, fellow passengers decide.


Four Stupid Things That Are Not As Stupid As The AFL Goal Review System

Think the AFL's Goal Review System is stupid? So do we.


Why Shane Watson Is As Annoying As Tom Cruise Is In The Movie Cocktail

Seriously. Shane Watson is very much like Tom Cruise's character in Cocktail. (In that he is really annoying.)


5 Positive Things To Take Out Of The Cricket

And welcome to: The Most Difficult Article To Write, Ever.


How To Improve The NAB Cup

An FA Cup style competition for the AFL? Okay sure, why not...

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The Top Five Reasons Why the Cricket Season Needs to Now End

Memo to Cricket: Please just stop, okay? Please?