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Better Names For The New Star Wars Movie

There is a rumour floating round the tubes that the new Star Wars movie will be called Episode VII – The Ancient Fear. We deserve better don't we?


The Cultural Capital of Authenticity

Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Betty Boo walk into a bar....


What Your Condiments Say About You

Your choice of condiments reveals so much about your past … and your future. It really does.


10 Steps to Reclaiming Your Manhood

The revolution starts now, man.


Flack To The Future – 2014: A year in review

Jack takes a look at what 2014 will bring.


Cinemas Greatest Psychopaths: Francis Begbie Returns

Begbie from Trainspotting is back this Christmas but not as you remember him.


The Truth About Being a Dad and Turning 38

Ares shares some wisdom on turning 38.


Mick Malthouse Reads Spot the Dog … To Daisy Thomas

Mick Malthouse and Dale Thomas have a special relationship. We find out just how special it is.

Dear Jonty

Dear Jonty – October 18th

Dear Jonty - life advice with a healthy dose of the truth.


More Jared Polec Adelaide Preferences Nobody Cares About

Jared Polec set tongues wagging by nominating Port Adelaide as his preferred club in South Australia. He opens up to The Flack about some of his other preferences in Adelaide.