The Flack


Wildog Half Hour – It’s Faaaaaabulous

Pre and Jonty are joined by their buddy Karol from Adelaide to catch up on all things pop culture.


The Cultural Capital of Authenticity

Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Betty Boo walk into a bar....


Top 5 Irish Exports of All Time

On the eve of St Patrick's Day, Prefontaine looks at the Top 5 Things the Irish gave the world.


Wildog Half Hour – Why Night?

Pre and Jonty talk a lot about pop culture on this week's show. They review 12 Years A Slave, the INXS series, White Night and continue with their Bondapolooza journey with You Only Live Twice.


Wildog Half Hour – The Boss

On this week's podcast, Pre reviews the spiritual awakening that was the Bruce Springsteen concert from Saturday night, Jonty reviews the INXS tele-movie.


Bruce Springsteen: A Little Bit of Awesome

Springsteen tragic, Prefontaine reviews Saturday night's concert at AAMI Park

WD WoW copy

Wildog Half Hour – Ahead of the Curve, True Detective

On this week's podcast, Pre and Jonty review The Wolf Of Wall Street, the new INXS mini series, the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the new HBO drama, True Detective, they sort of talk about the Winter Olympics and chat about...


Bottom 10 Things Schapelle Corby Needs to Know on Her Release

The Flack has compiled the most obscure and useless developments of the past nine years, to assist with Schapelle's adjustment to life on the outside.

Feb Fast WD

Wildgo Half Hour – Feb Fasting

Pre and Jonty begin their annual month off the turps, Pre is not off to a great start with a cold, and Jonty is none too impressed with his first T20 outing at the MCG last week.


The Flack’s – Guess the Song

Part quiz, part English translation, can you work out this song? Take The Flack Track challenge.