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We Need A Real European Football League… Like Now

European domestic football is slowly dying. Prefontaine has the remedy. You wont like it.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Ralph Fiennes

The Wes Anderson Drinking Game

Bill Murray. Drink. Slow Motion. Drink. A Wilson Brother. Drink. Just in time for The Grand Budapest Hotel, it's The Flack's Wes Anderson Drinking Game.

empire state

The Wearing of The Green

On this feast of St Patrick, Prefontaine examines the traditions of the global day.


Top 5 Irish Exports of All Time

On the eve of St Patrick's Day, Prefontaine looks at the Top 5 Things the Irish gave the world.


Top 5 Shit Things About Melbourne

It's not all good coffee, laneways and sport. Even Melburnians get it wrong from time to time.


Bruce Springsteen: A Little Bit of Awesome

Springsteen tragic, Prefontaine reviews Saturday night's concert at AAMI Park


Five Steps to Get Over A Break Up

Prefontaine offers the newly single some useful tips for Valentine's Day


The Flack’s – Guess the Song

Part quiz, part English translation, can you work out this song? Take The Flack Track challenge.

dating flack

The Flack’s Seven Dating Tips for Men

Let our resident dating expert Prefontaine, steer you blokes in the right direction with seven crucial tips for first dates.

Boston Cs

Sticking with the Celtics

The Celtics might suck this year, but Prefontaine writes, it's going to be worth it.