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The Recruit: LIVE Contract Negotiations…YEAH!

The one contract gets awarded - will it be Bradie, Chris or Johann? Did we mention there is only ONE contract?

The Recruit: Surviving Adelaide

It is the penultimate week, and only three recruits will get to the draft. Did you know there was only one contract? These are facts...

The Recruit: It’s War (Kind of)

Down to seven, and to test them further, they head to Canberra. There is only one contract, in case you forgot...


The Recruit: Follow The Leader

The Recruit is all about leadership this week, so they get Clarkey? Does Katich know?


The Recruit – Vossy, Gossy, Cisco and Waylen

Then there were ten... time to mess around in boats.


The Flack’s Bondapalooza – Octopussy (1983)

The Flack's Bondapalooza continues to swim through quicksand with Octopussy (1983) Ha, he said Octopussy...


The Recruit – Northern Exposure

This week the recruits head to the Territory, where Waylen won't be the fish out of water figure for once.


The Recruit: Last Man Hanging

Will Vossy finally get rid of that poisonous Tasmanian gnome? Fingers crossed.

AFL 2012 Media - NAB AFL Draft Combine Day 1

The Recruit: How Many AFL Contracts Are Available?

Then there were twelve...or are there? The Recruit goes all drag.


The Recruit: And Then There Were Twelve, Hang On, Thirteen

It is a very elaborate elimination - who will dish up the most cliches on The Recruit?