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Better Names For The New Star Wars Movie

There is a rumour floating round the tubes that the new Star Wars movie will be called Episode VII – The Ancient Fear. We deserve better don't we?


The Cultural Capital of Authenticity

Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Betty Boo walk into a bar....


Flack To The Future – 2014: A year in review

Jack takes a look at what 2014 will bring.


Real Talk With Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris looks to set the record straight.

MJ Travers

Mitchell Johnson’s Moustache’s Perth Press Conference

Mitchell Johnson’s Moustache tells it like it is.


Cinemas Greatest Psychopaths: Francis Begbie Returns

Begbie from Trainspotting is back this Christmas but not as you remember him.


The Hunger Games Explained By A Disinterested Boyfriend

Jack is here to help and save hours of your life: The Hunger Games Explained


The Last Song Of The Night: A Musical Journey From Johnny Young to Faith No More

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…. to dance


Songs About Songs: A DJ Battle

Watch these guys duke it out over a swathe of intertextual songs...


Getting Ready For The Oscars: The ‘Based On A True Story’ Year

Jack takes a look at this years crop of art movies, could handsy hacker Julian Assange really win an Oscar?