The Flack

About the Site

The Flack is built on the guiding principle of relentless effort.

As late-19th century French writer Jules Renard once wrote: “Fame is a constant effort”.

Renard was right then and right today.

And on modern life’s two great stages – the sporting field and the … ahem … stage – The Flack is there to cover the relentless effort of those protagonists seeking fame and glory.

While others may focus on the results, we are firmly fixated on the relentless effort.

The relentless effort that drives pre-seasons, theatre sports, the determination to push through the pain barrier and the bravery to gain weight to play an ugly person in a movie.

The relentless effort that has rewarded the likes of two Gary Abletts, Nicole Kidman, Elle McPherson and Brett Lee.

But also the relentless effort that has characterised the careers of Nathan Ablett, Antonia Kidman, Mimi McPherson and Shane Lee.

Premierships, Premieres, Red Carpets, Carpet Bowls, Superbowls, Grand Finals, Finals Series, Mini-Series, Gold Logies, Golden Globes, Golden Slippers, Gold Medals, Medallion Club, Club Med, On Meds: these are the grist for The Flack’s mill.

As our old mate Renard also said: “Look for the ridiculous in everything, and you will find it.”

That’s what The Flack is looking for. We will find it.

We are a coming together of enthusiasts: men and women who drink up the relentless effort that underpins sport and popular culture.

And so we have, harnessing our cable subscriptions, iPads, Apple TVs, laptops, club memberships, tightarse Tuesdays and occasional access to corporate hospitality.

And we’ve channelled all that with publishing and writing skills honed in the classrooms, boardrooms and some of the highest offices in the land.

Day-in, day-out, we will bring you key segments – Friday Night Drinks Primer, Deep Heat, the Wildog Podcast – and specially-commissioned one-off think pieces in our homage to relentless effort.

And why would we do this? Well, as Renard also said: “The horse is the only animal into which one can bang nails.”

Enough said.