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Wildog Half Hour – Twitter Abuse, Eurovision, Chinese Restaurants and 2004

Posted May 20, 2013 by Prefontaine in Sport

Prefontaine and Jonty sit down to discuss David Warner’s war of twitter words, cliche Chinese food and look at the film and music of 2004. Plus a special youtube clip of the week.

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Prefontaine was raised by immigrant parents among the rolling green hills of Wildog Country. His parents struggled with English… both the language and people. He spent childhood summers lying on concrete at the Warragul outdoor swimming pool, dreaming of Mallory Keaton from Family Ties. These are often considered his most productive years. In his mid teens Pre travelled the globe, unsuccessfully stalking Andrea Corr. His lack of stalking prowess was reflected in the fact that at no point were Pre or Andrea ever in the same country at the same time. Today, Pre has neither the desire nor need for employment. He spends his days shopping online or stealing eggs from the local IGA. When Prefontaine is not watching the famous Glasgow Celtic or various Boston sporting teams, he’ll wander onto the Balcony of Freedom and piff eggs at the Royal Tram as it trundles along St Kilda Road. Prefontaine is the other half of the Wildog Half Hour, a podcast from the Balcony of Freedom.