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The Flack’s Advent Calendar – 12 December: Six Degrees of Christmas Bacon

Posted December 12, 2012 by Flack Guest in Pop

So today might be the start of the 12 days of Christmas. Or it may be tomorrow. Is Christmas Day included? Can I get a ruling on this?

As I don’t want to jump the gun, today I want to play a little bit of the Bacon Game, Flack Advent Style. Because what says Christmas more than Kevin Bacon, Drew Carey and the Wu Tang Clan?

The Challenge: Kevin Bacon to Rudy Ray Moore

Kevin Bacon:

The more famous Bacon Brother was in a the movie Wild Things, which also featured Robert Wagner:

Mr. Wagner was in a “cough, really terrible, cough” boxing flick called, Play It to the Bone, with Woody Harrelson and Antonio Banderas. In this cinematic masterpiece, one of the ringside celebrities is none other than the most recent host of The Price is Right and star of his eponymous show, Drew Carey:

In that clip, we see sitcom Drew’s boss, Mr Wick, played by Craig Ferguson, who has his own talkshow, and something of a tradition of performing Christmas songs with guests:

So Craig was performing with Wu Tang Clan member producer/rapper/director/kung fu cinema obsessive, The Rza. (Note: anyone who saw David and Margaret’s review where David referred to him as “The R-Z-A” and didn’t laugh, should know that it is pronounced Rizza, like Rizla).

Also a member of the Wu Tang Clan, Ol’ Dirty Bastard:

(Warning: Strong Language, Wide Lapels)

Unfortunately ODB never released a Christmas album, but as you might have seen in the clip, it heavily featured a fella called Dolemite. Dolemite is played by another “slash”, actor/musician Rudy Ray Moore, who blessed us with this timeless Christmas gem:

Which brings us back to the point I made on Monday, “Merry Christmas Baby” is the centre of the modern Christmas universe.

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