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The Olympic Opening Ceremony Drinking Game

Posted July 23, 2012 by Mina Durack in Sport
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Here at The Flack, we enjoy expensive events, masses of people moving in unison to form patterns, fireworks and drinking. Especially fireworks.

So the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics provides us with a once in a four year opportunity to play a drinking game that combines all these things.

Our Beijing Opening Ceremony Drinking Game was nuts. Titus put down that you had to have a shot every time you saw the colour red. We should have been wise to this but somehow missed it.

By the time Andorra entered the stadium, we were plastered.

This time, we’ve tried to be a bit more sensible. Unfortunately for us at Flack central, the opening ceremony kicks off at 5.30am. We are busily strategising whether it’s better to start drinking the night before and carry through or to wake up and tackle the game straight away.

Anyway, here is your chance to play along. Print off the below London Olympics Opening Ceremony drinking game rules. Share it with friends, family and fellow athletes. Let the games begin.

(Click to enlarge for better printing quality)


Please note The Flack does not condone drinking unless you’re really good at it.

Big Ben image: Shutterstock/gary718



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