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Scotland Be Brave

Prefontaine makes a final plea to Scots to vote Yes.

The Recruit: LIVE Contract Negotiations…YEAH!

The one contract gets awarded - will it be Bradie, Chris or Johann? Did we mention there is only ONE contract?

The Recruit: Surviving Adelaide

It is the penultimate week, and only three recruits will get to the draft. Did you know there was only one contract? These are facts...

The Bachelor AU: Something Mean Happens, Probably

Apparently there are only eight women left? It seems like just last week there were approximately 64000 on the show. How time flies.   This week, according to the ads, Blake speaks up. I am unsure if this is referring to B...

The Recruit: It’s War (Kind of)

Down to seven, and to test them further, they head to Canberra. There is only one contract, in case you forgot...

The Bachelor AU: Laurina Bowls a Strike

It was nice to see The Project running a story about a crazed, screeching mongoose before tonight’s episode of The Bachelor. I’d almost forgotten what the previous girls sounded like. Previously: an oven was turned off. The...